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Wines of Oregon on #winechat

On September 14th, the Oregon Wine Board joined #winechat. The questions were fast and furious as everyone downed their Pinots!

Most people think of Pinot Noir with good reason – it’s the top planted variety with 12,406 acres planted in 2010.

Here are the next top varieties planted by acreage:

  • Pinot gris: 2,747
  • Chardonnay, 950
  • Riesling, 798
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, 639

Fun facts about  Oregon wine:

  • 38% of Oregon’s vineyards are certified sustainable, organic, or biodynamic
  • The industry grew 93% from 2005 to 2010!
  • More than 13,500 people are employed in Oregon’s $2.7 billion wine industry.
  • Pinot Noir was first planted in Oregon in 1966 by David Lett. Today Willamette Valley is one of the top producers in the world.
  • Like Burgundy, Willamette Valley Pinot has a fair amount of vintage variation. The 08 vintage was one for the books!
  • The Willamette Valley AVA is Oregon’s largest wine region.
  • Oregon grows 60% of Walla Walla’s grapes
  • Riesling is Oregon’s best kept secret – Dry, acidic, juicy, refreshing. Lovely food wines. Pair with oysters on the half shell, Oregon blue cheese or some fabulous dungenous crabcakes.
  • Oregon makes sparkling wine! Give it a try!
  • Winemakers are starting to do some very interesting things with Pinot gris. Can’t wait to see!
  • Harvest begins in Oregon in about a month. There are always worries, but the weather forecast looks like clear sailing. After a late spring, there was a fabulous end to summer. Warm and big!

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