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2001 Reyneke Stellenbosch Reserve Red

Located in Stellenbosch, the Reyneke Wine Estate has been producing organic wines since 1998. Reyneke aims to produce wines using as little intervention as possible, avoiding the use of enzymes, protein and cold stabilizations.

Using herbs and minerals in place of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, Reyneke is all about expressing the terroir.

Per their website, “The intention here is to interfere as little as possible, to allow nature to be the real maker of the wine and to truly produce terroir specific wines of the highest quality.”

This wine was such a deep red color, it was almost black. The first whiff brought up a meaty barbeque smell which softened on the second day. Intense, complex flavors, smoky with smooth tannins. Very enjoyable but not recommended for those who like light wines.

  • Grapes: Shiraz (82%), Merlot (14%), Cabernet Sauvignon (4%)
  • Alcohol: 14%
  • Retail price: ~$29.00
  • From: Stellenbosch, South Africa

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