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2009 Pascual Toso Malbec

Pascual Toso came to Argentina in the late 1800s from his hometown in Piamonte, Italy where he was involved in his family’s wine business.

Settling in Mendoza, he created his own vineyards, furthering his family’s tradition. The winery exports to over 30 countries, making a bottle easy to find wherever you are.

A dark red color, this Malbec gives blackberries and violet on the nose with a long, smooth finish. With tastes of plum, blueberry and spice with touches of vanilla, the flavor is more complex than expected at this price.

The winemaker suggests pairing this with pasta, red meats and white meats in light cream sauces, but I think you can enjoy this with just about anything.

  • Grapes: Malbec
  • Alcohol level: 14%
  • Retail price: ~$11-12.00
  • Think Malbec only comes from Argentina? Learn more about Malbec here.

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