Teaching them young

Recently, my friend went on a business trip, leaving her one year old at home with her husband. As can happen when a dad is left at home with a young one, incidents ensued.

My favorite was a group text message exchange resulting from a picture of the tot running through the house with a bottle of Orin Swift’s The Prisoner.

“I honestly think he is a little young to learn about wine. We didn’t learn until our late 20s however I will bring over a Party Ball and a keg of Bud Lite that way he is on the right track like the rest of us. *beer*beer*beer”

“I agree. If the little man gets the taste for expensive wine at a young age that means trouble”

“Seriously? He’s too young for red wine. Start him off with a nice bottle of white. Then work him up to red”

“Absolutely – this is how it starts! First it’s a sip then 3-4 sips next thing you know it’s a few sippie cups a day. Then he’s the #1 customer of the wine club.”

“New idea, buy him a still, then he can brew his own and it will teach him responsibility”

“Giddy up”

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