How to Prepare for Wine Riot Day – A simple guide

Prepping for the Wine Riot requires training similar to planning for any endurance event. In order to be in optimal shape for swirling and sipping your way through 4 hours of wine soaked fun, here are the recommended steps to ensure you make your way through the whole event injury free.

Prior to Wine Riot Day

Download Mobile App. With 250 possible wines to taste, you’ll need to plan your attack well and this app is amazing! I wish all big wine events came with something similar.

Booths will corresponding numbers and what wines will be served are laid out for you.

Day of Wine Riot

Step 1: Go to gym and workout. This removes any feelings of guilt from drinking and eating all day. You need to build up those muscles to be able to continuously lift the glass to your mouth.

Step 2: Eat. Get a base layer of food in your stomach. All those sips add up! It’s helpful to down a bunch of water on your way to stave off dehydration.

Step 3: Pick up wine loving friend. As with most things in life, this experience is best shared.

Step 4: Open Second Glass App and go on Discovery Tour: ‘Bust out that Bubbly.’ Sparkling wines are a great way to start before delving into the heavier stuff.  Sip and enjoy. Rate wines on mobile App –  2 thumbs up, 1 thumbs up, or ‘meh.’

Use App to locate wines you really like at stores in your local area.  Get excited by the Dr L Sparkling Riesling, make note in App to purchase this! Get mystified by the Sparkling Shiraz, which is just plain weird.

Step 5: Decide to check out local wine scene: For Boston, this means Travessia, Westport Rivers, and Farnum Hill Ciders. Ask DJ to dedicate a song to the awesomeness that is the Travessia Vidal Blanc. Show sadness that you will have to wait 3 more weeks before it is released in stores.

Swing by the always fun Finger Lakes Wine Country and check out offerings. Hear stories about someone pulling a Miles and drinking the spit bucket the previous evening.

Step 6: Check App and see Top Wines as rated by attendees. Go to Huge Bear to check out the Cabernet that is currently rated #3. Feel like you have consumed a large oak tree. Shudder.

Move next door to Cypher Winery to check out what’s going on in Paso Robles. Thoroughly enjoy their Anarchy, Peasant, and Heretic wines. Wish they weren’t all in the $40 range.

Step 7: Take a break. Be thankful for presence of Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese. Consume every bite while enjoying watching people compare tattoos and dance in the aisles.

Step 8: Go international without enduring a TSA patdown. Try Greek wines made from Assyrtiko and Agiorgitiko. Love them. Make note to buy more Greek wine in the future. Move onto Italy and France.

Try several more before declaring complete palate fatigue and calling it a well spent day. Be happy that the mobile App has stored all your wine picks for future reference.

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