Cabernet Franc on Winechat

On October 5th, we were fortunate to have Dezel Quillen talk to us about Cabernet Franc. In case you missed this great conversation, here are the highlights:

Fun facts about Cab Franc:

  • Rabelais, a 16th century French poet, sang praises for the red wines of Chinon in his literary works.
  • Cab Franc vine is vigorous and upright, with dark-green, 5-lobed leaves.
  • Records of Cabernet Franc in Bordeaux date back to circa 18th century. However, it existed in the Loire Valley earlier.
  • It’s believed that Cabernet Franc’s origin goes back to southwest France — circa 17th century time-frame

Where does Cab Franc thrive?

  • Cabernet Franc thrives in cooler climates and is an attractive option for regions like New York, Canada, etc.  Most cooler regions can’t grow Cab Sauvignon, so out of necessity Cab Franc becomes desirable
  • North Carolina has some great Cab Franc from the Yadkin Valley
  • In Virginia, Cab Franc ranks behind Chardonnay and Merlot in most acreage under vine.
  • Cab Franc is British Colombia’s 5th most produced grape totaling 8.64% of total harvest value. Because it is winter hardy, it comes through even in colder years.
  • France has the most vineyard acreage of Cabernet Franc in the wine world
  • In Bordeaux , Cab Franc is like an insurance policy against bad weather during harvest that might affect Merlot and Cab Sauv.
  • Cabernet Franc is known as “Bouchet” in Pomerol and Saint-Emilion.

Favorite Cab Francs and food pairings?

  • 2005 Halter Ranch Cab Franc
  • 2009 Glen Manor
  • Finger Lakes: Hunt Country 2007
  • 09 Laporte Cab Franc
  • Domaine de la Semellerie – Chinon
  • 08 Cornerstone Cellars Cab Franc – will hit its sweet spot in about a year!
  • Pair with pizza! Also with steak and lean meats

There were a lot of great Cab Francs being consumed, let me know what I missed!

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